[image description: white ink sketches of cherry blossoms against a black background. The text AFTER SAGAMIHARA, centred, also in white.]

It’s finally finished! The 48-page zine AFTER SAGAMIHARA was created in collaboration with Australian disability organisations and activists to commemorate the first anniversary of the Sagamihara murders. To the survivors of the massacre and to disabled people worldwide, we share our love, our grief, and our hope for the future.

The zine was compiled by myself, with contributors including Samantha Connor, Quin Eli, Maggie Heynemann, Mizuki Hsu, Beck Kelly, Suzy Keene, Fayroze Lutta, and Wendi Wicks.

A file with image descriptions and all of the text from the zine is available hereAFTER SAGAMIHARA text with image descriptions (downloads as .pdf)

The zine itself can be accessed through issuu here. You can also download it as a .pdf here: AFTER SAGAMIHARA

Crip love & solidarity,

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