Dramatically rendered line art of a neo-gothic university building against a cloudy full moon, in purple and red

Digital collage of a colourful semi-apocalyptic landscape





2 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Robin you are Everything!!! stunning, glowing, radiant, authentic, creative, powerful, resisting.. shinning.. everything..You don’t need me to tell you. Those who are fearful will hate and those that also cant love themselves will be haters. keep being you! so much love and respect. b


  2. Hi Robin, I just wanted to give a belated thank you for your work in this semester’s Disabled Honi. Not only has your artwork, poetry, and nonfiction moved me deeply, but it inspired me to check out your other awesome work and affirmed my own Mad activism. I thank you for sharing things I can really relate to, like life as a queer disabled person, and for sharing things I still need to learn more about, like being genderqueer. Thanks again!


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