[Image description: Robin, a white femme genderfluid intersex person, seated on their manual fixed frame wheelchair, with one hand on their wheel rim, looking to the upper left of the photograph. They have rainbow hair and shoes, and are wearing a navy blue dress with a fox print and purple wheelchair gloves. Several of their tattoos and piercings are visible. The background of the image is a pattern of tiny teal skulls.]

Robin M. Eames [THEY/THEM] is a 24 year old queertrans disabled & dying writer/artist/activist living on Gadigal land, Eora country, Sydney, Australia. They graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sydney, majoring in History and Gender Studies, and are currently pursuing History Honours.

Their work has been published or is upcoming in CorditeArcher MagazineJunkee, Red Room PoetryGlitterShipStrange HorizonsLuna Station QuarterlyGlitterwolf, the speculative fiction anthology Broken Worlds edited by Jack Burgos, the indie zine Something About Gender, I Guess? edited by Charles O’Grady, and the UNSPOKEN WORDS poetry festival artists’ anthology. Robin has also edited and written for a number of University of Sydney publications, including student newspaper Honi Soit and annual literary journals ARNA and Hermes. They have exhibited art at Newtown Festival, Verge Gallery, the M2 Gallery, the Red Rattler Theatre, and the Burdekin Hotel. You can view the details of their past work (including publications and speaking events) here.

They are passionately involved in disability activism and community, and sometimes appear at speaking events or run workshops about the intersections of queerness and disability, terminal illness, chronic illness, mental illness and neurodiversity, autistic identity, nonbinary identity, intersex, trauma survivorship, suicide prevention, sex work, anticapitalism, & other forms of civil rights theory based in lived experience.

Recently they have appeared as a featured artist/panellist at the June 2017 poetry festival UNSPOKEN WORDS, and as the Sydney site coordinator for the 2017 Disability Day of Mourning vigil. In July they coordinated a vigil/community forum for the first anniversary of the Sagamihara massacre, and compiled a zine named AFTER SAGAMIHARA in collaboration with White Flower Memorial. In August they attended a consultation between disabled activists and Victorian MPs regarding assisted suicide legislation. Later this year they founded Ehlers-Danlos Network Australasia, a resource providing information and community support around Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, connective tissue disorders, and hypermobility spectrum disorders. They were also one of the organisers of the University of Sydney’s 2017 Rad Sex and Consent Week, and ran a solo panel about disability and sexuality titled SEX ON WHEELS.

Robin is nonbinary and uses they/them/their pronouns. Their interests include comparative mythology, queercrip theory, weird poetry, invisible histories, cats, black tea, and tattoos.

Robin lives and works on the stolen lands of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation. Sovereignty was never ceded. This land always was, always will be Aboriginal land.