[Image: Robin, a white genderqueer wheelchair user with rainbow hair and tattoos, reading into a microphone.]

Robin M. Eames is a queercrip writer, artist, and historian living on Gadigal land (Sydney, Australia).

Their work has been published by Cordite, OverlandMeanjinVoiceworks, and Deaf Poets Society, among others. They have exhibited art at Newtown Festival, Verge Gallery, the M2 Gallery, the Red Rattler Theatre, and the Burdekin Hotel. You can view some of their published work here.

Recent panels include NARRATIVE PROSTHESIS at the National Young Writer’s Festival, 2018; CHRONIC ILLNESS, DISABILITY, AND DIGITAL LIFE at the Digital Writer’s Festival, 2018; and CRIPPING THE LITERARY at the Unspoken Words festival, 2017. Robin was one of the University of Sydney’s Disabilities Officers for 2018. They are currently working on a PhD in History at the University of Sydney, examining madness and trans pathologisation.

Robin is genderqueer and uses they/them pronouns.

Robin lives on the occupied lands of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation. Sovereignty was never ceded. This land always was and always will be Aboriginal land.