…is infrastructural ableism.

Article out on Junkee regarding the Victorian assisted suicide (“voluntary assisted dying”) legislation. You can read it here.

To be quite honest the backlash to this article has me feeling queasy, exhausted, burnt out, and – ironically – experiencing a huge surge in suicidal ideation. So I’m not going to be super active online for a while, I think.

I am terminally ill and have witnessed the suffering and death of a loved one (my youngest sister). Please don’t feel the need to contact me relating the gory details of the death of someone you knew. I know how awful it is to be terminally ill because I am living it. I am not opposed to suicide. I have attempted it many times (trying very hard not to attempt it again today, in fact). I am concerned about the political and legislative realities of this bill, and of its context in Australian palliative care. And I think that terminally ill and disabled people should be heard when it comes to a bill that applies only to us.

In the meantime, the situation on Manus Island is getting really dire – refugees have been cut off from food, water, and electricity, and PNG immigration officials & their police commissioner have advised that they are disavowing responsibility for the safety of the refugees. They are not “illegal maritime arrivals”. They are refugees. We too came to this country by boat and without permission.

Call Peter Dutton, Minister for Immigration: (07) 3205 9977
Call Shayne Neumann, Shadow Minister for Immigration: (07) 3201 5300
Call Senator Penny Wong: (08) 8212 8272
Call Malcolm Turnbull: (02) 6277 7700
Call Julie Bishop: (02) 6277 7500
Call Bill Shorten: (02) 6277 4022
Call Tanya Plibersek: (02) 6277 4404

Don’t be hostile, let them know that you are calling about Manus Island (they are logging the number of calls), and that you support bringing the refugees here.

Love & solidarity.

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